Sound Design / Filmmaker / Photographer
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With a wash of sensabilities, Sunset Diver delievers a cerebral and potent blend of outsider pop plunderphonics. Mumbling curiosity like if Jandek grew up on Dilla and Beck. A woosh of textures rake across the burble on light wings. Dive in. 

Tantalizing quakes. Unusual sensations. Zones realmed only to blissfully cast one away on the wind that blends relaxation with the calm of mirror water. Reflections of a vibe that only Patient Sounds can behold.
— Tiny Mix Tapes
...a bright textural bath, fragmented and frothed.
— Stadiums & Shrines
— Meditations
Damn, that was tight. That was chill. Woo, I’m super chill right now, I’m super relaxed. That tape’s killer.
— Tabs Out

Available at Commend & Rough Trade in NYC

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Available at Jacknife Records & Tapes in Los Angeles