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bodega bay breaks up poster V4.png

Bodega Bay Breaks Up

from the original release, June 10th, 2016, one week after the performance:

RIP Bodega Bay. It’s been real.

This was supposed to be one continuous take but a brief tape glitch cut “Second Row Center” short. So be it.

Special thanks to Brian Goodheart for giving the audio quality some TLC.

This is the part where I should talk about what Bodega Bay meant to me. Unfortunately those feelings are very personal and complicated at the moment. There is one thing that’s undeniable, though: Bodega Bay could put on one hell of a show.

A Bodega Bay show could have you scratching your head, rolling your eyes, pumping your fist, and laughing your ass off all at the same time. They demanded a reaction and reveled in contradictions. At a time when most bands would gladly play their songs safely and professionally in hopes of being accepted by a blatantly corrupt industry, Bodega Bay gleefully antagonized their audiences expectations by playing hour long sets that would range from super efficient pop punk anthems to exhausting no wave jam band explorations. They made you question why you bother making art in the first place, then answered that question a minute later. After a while the question becomes the answer, and you start to realize the question doesn’t matter, that the answer is a feeling of presentness only music can provide. You open your eyes and realize you’re in a room full of people who all feel the same way, and you’re all having fun together despite the bullshit, or maybe because of it.

I always wanted to make more art after a Bodega Bay show. They gave me the confidence to be weird and raw, to not give a shit about what the world demands but to instead follow my gut to uncharted territories, good taste be damned.

The journey is over but the spirit lives on.

Devin “Sunset Diver” Johnson